We are three great friends who as a team have combined our extensive experience and knowledge as landscape photographers to help you become the photographer you want to be! We love photography!


Whether it be wild landscapes, astrophotography, or long exposure, our passions cover a wide range of skills and knowledge.  Each of us is individually recognised and respected within the landscape photography industry as leaders in our field. 


Having been on many fun adventures together we realised early on we made a great team.  We thought what better way to share our knowledge, and our love of photography and New Zealand, than to bring other people on our adventures!  The idea of running photography tours was born.  We’re not aware of any other tour company offering access to three respected photographers, so we think that’s a cool point of difference!


Visit our individual websites: Rach Stewart  |  Daniel Murray  |  Lee Cook  


Our tours are designed to take you and your camera on a fun-filled adventure, with like-minded people, through some of the most amazing and iconic scenery New Zealand has to offer.   Towering mountains, deep fiords, stunning glaciers, sparking lakes, wild tussockland, dense rainforest, and more – New Zealand has it all!


All three of us live and play here and as a result we know all the best places to shoot.  That means we save you all the sweat and tears of working out an itinerary and we get you to the right places at the right times to capture those incredible images. 

Our emphasis is very much on the in-the-field learning, exploring and hiking into some incredible locations, and having a ball along the way.   That’s not to say we don’t cover the classroom stuff too.  All our tours include, at minimum, a filter training session, a Lightroom editing session, and a photography tips manual!

We have a diverse range of options covering all the best times for landscape photography and catering for every budget.  Our itineraries are planned down to the tiniest level of detail so we can spend the maximum amount of time possible getting you the most amazing images possible!

The pristine environment we are blessed to live and play in is important to us, and we want to share it in the best way possible.  A portion of your tour fee goes back to keeping our environment beautiful through our concession with the Department of Conservation. This ensures we stay within the rules, look after our surroundings, and give back to the team that works so hard to preserve the amazing places we visit.


We are officially:


Each of us is here to help you in every way possible to further your photography and advance in the direction you want to.  We’ll share our knowledge and expertise with you as individuals and at a pace that suits you. We want to make the most of our time with you and ensure you’re 100% satisfied with the progression you make.


We cater for all levels, from those just starting their photography journey right through to experienced photographers who just want to brush up on some skills or perhaps simply want to come on an adventure!

​Topics we cover during our tours include (and are not limited to by any means):


  • ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed, and how they all work together to create amazing images

  • Using your camera in manual mode

  • Correctly exposing an image (dynamic range, understanding light including the use of filters in achieving balance)

  •  How to compose a shot (including main focal point, framing, foreground and depth of field)

  • Long exposures and working in low light

  • Astro and night time photography

  • Overview of post-processing (Lightroom and Photoshop)

  •  Using tripods, filters, remote shutters and other accessories

  • Social media strategy

  •  Generating income from photography.


We are supported by industry leaders in the photography, tourism and adventure fields and are proud to be working with such respected companies.

What this means for you:

  •  we can deliver incredible value for money through our accommodation and activity providers (try comparing the cost of our tours to the raw cost of booking our providers yourself!)

  • you get to trial the latest gear in the field and receive exclusive offers on purchasing that gear

  • show off your new skills and compete with your fellow tour members for some amazing prizes

  •  receive a free goody bag.

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